At Countryside Classics, our team is dedicated to giving you restoration services that will take your breath away. You love your vehicle; our team understands that. Give us the keys to your auto and our mechanics will ensure that you receive an unbelievable restoration.

Services Include:

– Complete vehicle reconstruction
– Antique and classic cars
– Chassis fabrication
– Custom automotive electrical
– Steering and Suspension Upgrades
– Upgrade heating and A/C system-Add A/C to your Classic
– Carburation services
– Engine-Transmission-Rear differential services

Whether you have an older model car that needs extensive work, or you have a classic car that needs some final additions, your vehicle will be a thing of beauty by the time our technicians are finished. Through state-of-the-art techniques, our team will produce a final look that will take you back to years past.


Don’t subject your classic or antique car to the elements. Before the fall, weather turns cool, and the first snowflake falls, make sure your car is properly stored. At Countryside Classics, our team believes in taking care of your prized possession with expert care and unique storage solutions.

Storage Include:

– Classic Car storage
– Secure facility
– Vehicle winterizing
– Seasonal storage

Countryside Classics give you peace of mind with classic car storage that protects your vehicle while you are away. Chances are with the harsh Wisconsin winters. You’re not looking to be driving around town in your classic car. Escape the winter months with storage service that makes sense. Contact our team today and ask about our storage options.


When you buy or restore a car, it may be lacking in items that can enhance performance and appearance. No car is perfect. That’s why our team has the customization skill to transform your car into the vehicle of your dreams. Even a few simple add-ons can give your vehicle a whole new look and feel.

– Full vehicle customization
– Custom engine
– Custom suspension options
– Computerized controls
– Custom wheels and rims

Whether you own a top performance vehicle, or a classic car, customizing the body and interior and exterior of your car can quickly transform it into something you can be proud of. Our team of expert technicians has the experience you need to apply custom products that will outlast your car.


For classic car and top brand name vehicles, you depend on quality performance that takes your driving experience to the next level. Through innovative products and expert installation, the team at Countryside Classics can transform your vehicle in no time.

– Performance Parts
– Custom Suspension
– Electronic fuel injection systems
– Ignition components
– Installation services

Cars are a big investment, and if you’re looking for a way to increase the performance of your vehicle, look no further that the experts at Countryside Classics. Our team understands the longing for a quality relationship with a powerful, performance vehicle. Contact our shop today and learn more about enhancing the car you drive.